paul-puzzledQu’est-ce que’sup! That guy in the photo? That’s me. Except with more face. I’m a twenty-something year old. I bad at making jokes, but good at keeping secrets. I’m also a writer, a photographer (kinda), a vlogger, a bookseller, and a Masters student (you know, until I graduate and forget to update this page.)

This blog will end up revealing a fair bit about my life, but here are the basics to get you introduced properly.

1. I’m a graduate. Fairly obvious, considering the Masters. My undergraduate degree is in Education, Religion and English, meaning I’m a qualified teacher (second-level).

2. I publish books on the Kindle. I mainly do it for pleasure.

3. I’m studying Multimedia. This has meant studying digital imaging and sound design. As of writing this – January 2015 – I’m only half-way through.

4. I work in a bookshop. I’ve been there for over seven years (eight Christmases) and I’m still on minimum wage. That is not awesome. I only mention this part of my life because I tend to recommend books. You’ll have to get used to that.

5. I still live at home with my parents. This is down to money and sense. Money, because I lack it, and sense, because moving out while doing a full-time Masters with a part-time job doesn’t make any.

With that, dive right in. Or don’t. But I’d recommend it, says he of little bias.


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