Coping with Unemployment

I finally got back into YouTube today, with a video about coping with unemployment through writing and creativity. It feels weird being so candid on YouTube, but it felt necessary to actually get myself making videos again. There was so much I wanted to talk about, and this one big thing that I didn’t want to talk about.

Unemployment isn’t fun. It isn’t good for my mental health. It isn’t good for my bank account. (Though I have learned the art of being frugal where it counts – I don’t buy a ridiculous amount of things anymore.)

I managed to get a grip on things as January progressed. Writing short stories, applying for different types of jobs, that sort of thing. I developed a rhythm in the week between The Geek Mart every month and my writing group meet ups every week, and in February – when I got myself into the habit of drawing every day – I started a six-week course on storytelling in comics and graphic novels.

I’m not sure how I would have handled the situation if I wasn’t interested in creative activities. I don’t know how most people manage. All I know is how to maintain the status quo that is the storm isn’t my head when things aren’t going well.


The music from this video is “Relaxing Piano Music” by Kevin MacLeod ( – licence in the video description. The thumbnail was inspired by Roly. The video topic came from The Collab Club.


About Paul Carroll

Paul Carroll is a writer, born, raised and still living in Dublin. By day he's a student and bookseller, by night he writes fiction and uses social media.
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