The GEEK-MART is Here

On May 7th, Dublin will see the first GEEK-MART, in The Central Hotel, Exchequer Street. In a new move from owner and organiser, Robert Glick, the Mart will the place of the regular monthly mini-conventions, bigger and more expansive than ever.

The inaugural GEEK-MART will work in support of Cystic Fibrosis Ireland, with a gathering of vendors offering everything from graded and autographed comic books, artwork, accessories, independent books, retro gaming, and a gaming tournament on the day.

Geek Mart Poster May 2016

On the day, a host of fourteen vendors trading across the geek spectrum will be joined by the U.S.S. Cuchulain, the Irish branch of Star Fleet. Fans of cosplay can also rejoice at the arrival of the Guild of Nerds at the GEEK-MART later in the day. As May 7th is also Free Comic Day, the organisers will be endeavouring to supply some freebies for visitors to the Mart. A FIFA tournament will be held by Moonballs Retro Games.

See the Facebook event for more details:

The Full List of Vendors

Comic Books – Robert Glick

Offering free grading of comics, and stocking a wide range of graded, covered and slabbed books, Robert is one of only a few CGC certified graders in Ireland.

He started the mini-con events in Dublin that are now becoming the GEEK-MART.


Robert Glick

Robert Glick

Alan Pocock

Alan sells from an extensive collection of comics, all graded and covered. He sets himself apart with a collection of signed and slabbed comics, as well as having a few harder-to-find issues available.

Alan Pocock

Alan Pocock

Art and Books

Kinga Korska

A Dublin-based artist, with her own graphic novel to bring to the table. Launched in April this year, Brain Fetish will be available to purchase on the day.


Gareth Luby

A regular from the mini-con days, Gareth Luby offers an extensive collection of art featuring fan favourites from the comic book world. The Dublin-based artist has recently worked with Cremona Publishing and Bistro 73 Restaurant.


gareth luby deadpool

Paul Carroll

A Dublin-based writer making his debut at the GEEK-MART with the first two books in a Irish Mythology series. He has previously attended as a photographer and videographer for the mini-con.


Balor Reborn Cover

Balor Reborn Cover

Crafty like a Fox

A Dublin artist with a penchant for hand-drawn illustrations, with previous attendances at the mini-cons under her belt.


crafty deadpool

Mattyperler’s creations

A bead-artist with a flair for photography, providing full images and character creations alike.


matty perler mario

Jaconi Crafts

A Minecraft artist and supplier, all handmade and straight from Wicklow. Perfect for parents whose children can’t get enough of the game.


A Minecraft birthday giftbag

A Minecraft birthday giftbag

Artwork by Sorika Reilly

A generous mix of fan and original art, taking on the other end of the geek spectrum than some of the Mart’s other vendors.



Foxy Bros.

With a supply of bead art, paintings and a collection of graphic novels for sale, the Foxy Bros are a veteran pair from the days of the mini-cons.




Specialising in lolita, punk, rock and gothic clothing and accessories, DreamWear are the Mart’s very own clothing store. They’re also open to commissions if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for.






A supplier of Anime, Manga, Video Game and Cosplay goods in Ireland. Normally found online, but they’re making their way to the GEEK-MART in May.



The Chaos Exchange

A supplier of pre-loved anime, manga, steam punk, kawaii and general geekery items. Another store making their way from their online store to the Mart.


chaos exchange

Gaming and Cosplay

Moonballs Retro Games

A supplier of retro games across multiple consoles, and the host of the FIFA tournament to be held at the inaugural GEEK-MART.


FIFA 16 Event:


U.S.S. Cuchulain

The Irish branch of the Star Fleet – Star Trek Cosplayers who mean business. You can find them at the door, ready for photos, and armed with phasers.


uss cuchulain logo

Guild of Nerds

An Irish cosplay group, there for your cosplay meet-up needs. They’ll be having a morning meet-up in Merrion Square on the day, before heading to the Mart in the afteroon.



About Paul Carroll

Paul Carroll is a writer, born, raised and still living in Dublin. By day he's a student and bookseller, by night he writes fiction and uses social media.
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