How to Make Time in the Week

Back in November, I started a movie blog. All things taken into consideration, I think this was a good move on my part. I started writing more. I started to really pay attention to movies. I took a real interest in something for the first time since I’d finished my Masters, because let’s face the reality of finishing something that required as much energy as my thesis: it’s easy to follow up on that by doing nothing at all.

So, movie blog. And other writing. I was using Habitica to get more done. Great. But I still only have the same amount of hours in the day as everyone else. Bad. Solution needed? Solution created: scheduling.

Now, I know how that looks. You must be asking: how does scheduling time, make more time? It’s simple, really. By scheduling your time and your tasks, you give yourself time to do the things you aren’t getting done because, apparently, you don’t have enough time anymore. (You being me.)

Here’s my issue: I want to write a couple of books this year, but in order to keep up with my blogs, I really don’t have the time to actually write anything else. So, I’m going to schedule a lot of the writing of the posts for The Cinema Freak (the aforementioned movie blog) and schedule the publishing of those posts. As I write this, I have notes for three movies to follow up on. Two of those posts I’ll be publishing in the near future. The third, being less timely than the others, will serve as a filler post for when I need one. See what I’ve done there? This image should clear it up:



Every second weekend, I clear up time to write for an entire week. The model above is actually a pretty simplified version of events. In February, The Cinema Freak is moving to a 2-critiques-per-week schedule, which means more work. Essentially, this weekend will create a bonus post for me, and only if I go beyond the 4-post guideline, or write an additional post every weekend, will I have a stockpile ready for myself.

However, the pay-off is there: two entire weeks in the a month to focus almost exclusively on my book. I’ll still be writing posts here, obviously, and doing a weekly video on YouTube, but both of those are usually more casual than a Cinema Freak critique. (Side-note: that’s an awkward word to type.)

The schedule for this blog will remain as inconsistent as it always has been. I can buy myself entire weeks from The Cinema Freak, but sometimes I just pop in here to ramble on about something in the day. My YouTube channel will also be moving to a two-videos per week schedule if I keep up the weekly effort until March. (I’m actually in the midst of preparing for that move already. How I’m doing that will become obvious when we actually reach March, but there are only five more weekends to go before then, so that’s not too bad.)

But there it is. I’ll be writing up, and scheduling, posts for The Cinema Freak in advance, and in doing so I’ll be creating more time to get writing one of the books I’ve been wanting to work on for a long time. (And I mean a really long time. Like, I should have just done it for NaNoWriMo last year and been done with it. Lesson learned.)

Have you got any tips on cheating time? I’d love to hear them, so I can cheat even further.


About Paul Carroll

Paul Carroll is a writer, born, raised and still living in Dublin. By day he's a student and bookseller, by night he writes fiction and uses social media.
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