One Last Lazy Day

Yesterday was my last day off for the holidays before work, when I’d have to return to a mass of things to do and not enough time to do it all. I had planned on being at least a little bit productive – which, I suppose, I was in the end – except that I couldn’t stop myself from playing Final Fantasy X.

It was an amazingly chill day, spent fighting fiends, attempting to dodge lightning (only 26 times consecutively – I will never get Lulu’s Celestial Weapon) and playing Blitzball. It was great. I just wish I hadn’t done it.

The problem arises from the layout of the house and my bedroom, and the position of the PS3 in relation to all of that. The short version is that it resides in the busiest room in the house, and, being in the box room, I am in no position to move it up here and out of the way. (I’m the only one who plays it, anyway, since my brother has a PS4 in his bedroom – it sounds indulgent, I know, but we only have both because there was no point getting rid of the older console.) Basically, even if I could fit the console somewhere in my room, I can’t put a television up in my room – the only wall space is both occupied by artwork, and partially blocked off from the only seat in the room (my bed) by a big shelf on the wall (overhanging the bed, threatening to break my legs without a moment’s notice.)

So, there’s that. It makes the time in the room precious. Usually, it makes it sparing. On Sunday, no one really wanted to use the room while I was in there…so I didn’t leave.

This was, and will always be, one of my favourite scenes from any game.

This was, and will always be, one of my favourite scenes from any game.

I would have loved to do a lot more writing than I did, and maybe even record a video, but no. I spent all of my time playing a game I’ve completed a few times in the past. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the game. But if I had put all the time I spent playing it doing something more productive, I would have gone to bed full of pride in myself, and no more tired than I was.

Maybe to-do lists and plans and schedules aren’t the answer to everything. (Okay, that goes without saying.) I guess what I’m saying, what I’m trying to convince myself to do, is apply some willpower to the situation from now on. Use the game as a reward for work, not a substitute. Guilt people into letting me use the room an evening a week, rather than spend an entire Sunday (and a lot of Saturday…) there. There’s more to life than games, and there’s more to gamifying real life than turning on a PS3.


About Paul Carroll

Paul Carroll is a writer, born, raised and still living in Dublin. By day he's a student and bookseller, by night he writes fiction and uses social media.
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