#IrishCreatorsDay and YouTopia

Last week, I had the utmost pleasure of going to Google HQ for a Super Official Event under the hashtag #IrishCreatorsDay.

The day was divided into panels and seminars/workshops, with prominent Irish YouTubers speaking on the panels, and Google employees at the workshops. And let’s not forget the food. Oh the food. Aside from being delicious, it was free. Which made it more delicious.

Towards the end of the day, we had a great opportunity to get to talk to each other…before heading to the pub.

Now, I’m not going to disclose every detail of our adventure into Alcohol Central. There were drinks had. There was dancing. And from me, there was a lot of shouting. Not angry shouting. Just…loudness. And impressions of Animal from The Muppets.

There was a lot of excitement that night. Marco from YouTube received a lot of cheering upon arrival. So, too, did James Mitchell, but only because he’s a #YouTubeSensation. He even has a clothing line to prove it.

But most exciting of all, aside from appearing on the news, Melanie Murphy won the Digital Media Award for Best Blogger. She was the only video blogger in the category. As of Friday, the Irish YouTube community is officially recognised by the media as being a Capital-T Thing.

Then, Saturday happened.

YouTopia Spring took place in Phoenix Park, and received some recognition of its own…by the Gardai. (For the non-Irish readers…the police.) What began as a routine flight of a helicopter by the big G ended up in a wee visit from a Garda at the event. And one of the members’ dads was the one to explain to them who we were and what we were doing. (Or, specifically, that we weren’t protesting something. And that the cake box was just that. Not…something else.)

So that was fun!

When we left Phoenix Park, we made a long trip to St Stephen’s Green. There, we (eventually) had food, and went to the pub. (Some of us may have taken three hours longer getting to the pub than the rest…but we stayed there for longer afterwards, so it’s grand!)


Courtesy of Seán Connolly, @TheSonicScrew


Rather than spoil all the fun, (and spill all the secrets…) I’ll give you the abridged version of events from the night.

We drank. We danced. I received a request to repeat my sick dance moves. I forgot how to walk. People (those lovely people in the photo with me) cheered my name. I still couldn’t get up off the stool. Stage fright and cocktails are quite the team.

We played a few games. We attempted to be spies, and failed spectacularly. We didn’t record anything. But we did go for Chinese food afterwards.

The clientèle were…colourful. At best. But we had our fun, our food, and our banter. We prevailed. We’re epic that way.

I was exhausted by the time I reached my bed, and woke up without a voice on Sunday, but it was such a good weekend. My first gathering, and my first time meeting the Irish YouTubers, was a great success. For the first time since I joined YouTube, I feel like I actually belong there. I’ve finally found the friends that make it more than just a bedroom hobby.


About Paul Carroll

Paul Carroll is a writer, born, raised and still living in Dublin. By day he's a student and bookseller, by night he writes fiction and uses social media.
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