Let’s Get Down to Business

This week has marked my first week back in college, and already things are getting busy. Back in September, the first week meant a week of introductory lessons, practically no learning involved. (Unless, of course, you count learning each other’s names!) Now we’ve got new modules, new groups to form, new projects already beginning, and a whole host of encouragement towards the extracurricular as it comes to the point of “building a portfolio”.

I had planned for this post to be linked to a video, but as of last night I’m officially recognising prior symptoms of fatigue as a cold. A cold which hit me like a freight train this morning.

Anyway, you’ll have to do without seeing my face today. Unless you want to go back and look at old videos or photographs. Be my guest.

So, what’s coming this semester? So far, confirmed to produce two websites and two videos, and that’s just the assignments. Added to them are at least a couple of extra projects, including that which I mentioned yesterday. The YouTube community is responsible for a couple of the bigger projects and announcements. Allow me to introduce you to a couple of them, if you’re not already acquainted.

Next week sees a meeting of YouTubers for a short film. While the actual roles in the production process are unclear as of yet, it’s an exciting position to be in to be working with a group of individuals on something bigger than any one of our channels. We each have our own skill-sets and abilities, and we all have our own ideas, our own experiences and backgrounds.

That meeting will be the first of three meetings with the wider Irish YouTube community this month. The one I’m maybe most excited about from a media production point of view is a creators’ event at Google HQ, which will see at least 200 members of the community coming together for a development and seminar day.

The day will focus on creative strategies and and audience development. Essentially, this is going to fill in a lot of the blanks that I doubt I’d learn through my Masters. As much material as we cover, we just can’t cover everything. On top of the YouTube/Google led seminars, there’ll also be a panel of Irish YouTubers, who will share their stories and advice on how to grow a channel.

Following the day at Google, we’ll have YouTopia, a gathering with a little more playfulness and a little less work than the previous meetups of the month. All in all, the experiences will offer chances to improve upon my work, find new work, and make new friends, all of which are crucial at this point in my life.

As of this week, life is about to get really busy, and increasingly interesting.


About Paul Carroll

Paul Carroll is a writer, born, raised and still living in Dublin. By day he's a student and bookseller, by night he writes fiction and uses social media.
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