Oh But It’s Cold Outside

Earlier this week, we had temperatures in the double-digits. It was a nice change from the typically-Winter weather we’d been having: rain, cold, more rain, lots of wind. As I write this, there’s a small flurry of sleet bashing against the window, more rain than snow, and not fit for a snowman.

With the weather returning to its typically awful-but-boring state, life to returning to the way things were before the Christmas break in college. I’ll be finishing up as a web design teacher, and I’ll be back at work at a local bookshop.

I can’t say I’m looking forward to it, but that’s largely because it’ll mean a weekend of work immediately five days in the classroom.

After that first weekend back, though, things will get better. I’ll be back in lectures, entering new realms of study and intrigue, and pushing the boundaries on what counts as a hobby and what counts as study, because I can’t help but love both video production and web design.

(Maybe I’m just weird like that. HTML is not all the fun I might accidentally talk it up to be.)

I’m probably most looking forward to seeing my friends again. With the six-week break from lectures (there’s an exam period in college, but we didn’t actually have any…so we just had more time off!), people tended to go back to working full-time, or spending more time with families and friends they haven’t seen in a while, so we haven’t gotten to spend too much time actually talking to each other.

I’ve made small efforts to make jokes in our Facebook group, if only to provide the same little moment of happiness I had before Christmas when three of my classmates dropped into my shop to say hi. When lectures start again, I can see the group being used more for academic purposes again, with questions about classes or assignments, but for now it’s nice to just use it as a private little environment for people to have some fun…but they realise they’re stuck with me for another twelve weeks!

Self-deprecating humour is sort of my thing. And being loud. I’m a hoot and a half to be around, honest.

I’m looking forward to the new challenges that await us next semester, and to the efforts to maintain side projects while learning a whole new set of skills. I might even manage to convince a couple of them to appear on camera with me. But not outside, not until the weather picks up.

PS I’m aware as I write about the weather in Ireland that North America is getting it worse. What can I say, our infrastructure sucks. A little bit of snow could very well shut down Dublin city. I wish I was exaggerating.


About Paul Carroll

Paul Carroll is a writer, born, raised and still living in Dublin. By day he's a student and bookseller, by night he writes fiction and uses social media.
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